Tuesday, May 13, 2008

46% of American Health Insurance Plans Cover Abortions

Check to see if your health insurance company covers abortions. They may call it "theraputic or medical termination", but it still spells trouble for unborn babies. If they do cover abortions, write a nice letter to your company and ask them to please STOP!

The chances are good that your health insurance plan covers elective abortions since 46% of all health insurance plans in the United States do so. A leading researcher urges pro-life advocates to investigate their plans to find out whether they are unknowingly supporting abortion. “Many of you know people who consider themselves very good, solid citizens [and] who consider themselves pro-life. They go to church on Sunday; but on Monday morning, they finance abortion. They don't know they finance abortion, they do not conscientiously do it -- but they do do it. And they do it through private health insurance. They do it because the plan covers it," Moffitt pointed out. Read the rest of the story here and here.

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Abigail said...

Good for people to know.